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My name is Chelsea and you can find me over at my main blog! <3
Peace, Love, and Lisa Frank.
Regarding proper sourcing:

Please don’t bother to message me that “It’s Lisa Frank’s picture, not yours” or “it’s just the internet” or whatever. No. These are my edits, and simply uploading them to weheartit (which is a shit website) and posting them to tumblr as your photo is not proper sourcing. Credit should be given where it is due. If I had never posted my edits, they wouldn’t exist here. seriously, I LOVE having this connection with the thousands of you that follow this blog and love Lisa Frank and talk to me! I want proper sourcing because if someone likes the style and wants more similar posts, I want them to know they can go to my blog and not just get lost on weheartit. That is stealing. Honestly if it annoys any of you, I’m sorry, just unfollow me. I’m so sick of my edits getting stolen and reposted elsewhere.

this has been a psa :-)

My coupon YAY10 is still active on my etsy you guys! Save 10% on your order and help me out :) there are still multiple pins available!!


Hey everyone!

you can now use the coupon code YAY10 at my etsy to get 10% off your pin purchases!! It’s valid until 2/27 so get your shop on :)

please help me out, Blossom’s surgery is next week and I am going to be very low on money afterward. I appreciate it. If you want a custom listing let me know and I will still honor the coupon as long as it is requested before the coupon expires!

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