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My name is Chelsea and you can find me over at my main blog! <3
Peace, Love, and Lisa Frank.
*sobs hysterically because this isn&#8217;t my bedroom*
I am more than prepared for my last semester of college!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

hello there!

So, once again I’m asking for favors from y’all. I still have my etsy account and am willing to make pins! if you have any requests I can TOTALLY do it. I got skillz.

Sadly, I lost both of my jobs about two weeks ago and I’m also running into a few different health problems (gluten intolerance + I could possibly have endometriosis + extremeΒ anxiety). I finally got my last paycheck but I had to pay off my credit card so now I’m left with hardly enough to get me through July. Since I’m unemployed and it’s mid-summer, it’s very difficult to find work.

In the meantime while I’m looking for someone to hire me please PLEASE consider messaging me here or on my etsy ( for an order. Anything helps. I also have a paypal ( if anyone is feeling generous and just wants to donate.

Thank you so much. <3

I think the reason some of us have giant Lisa Frank collections from our young age is because they always put “Collect them all!” on everything and it’s like YES CHALLENGE ACCEPTED aka why I have a ton of stickers and still am nowhere close to actually having them all :’(

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