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Turn down for what?!?!

this seriously looks so fun and relaxing omg

hello there!

So, once again I’m asking for favors from y’all. I still have my etsy account and am willing to make pins! if you have any requests I can TOTALLY do it. I got skillz.

Sadly, I lost both of my jobs about two weeks ago and I’m also running into a few different health problems (gluten intolerance + I could possibly have endometriosis + extremeΒ anxiety). I finally got my last paycheck but I had to pay off my credit card so now I’m left with hardly enough to get me through July. Since I’m unemployed and it’s mid-summer, it’s very difficult to find work.

In the meantime while I’m looking for someone to hire me please PLEASE consider messaging me here or on my etsy ( for an order. Anything helps. I also have a paypal ( if anyone is feeling generous and just wants to donate.

Thank you so much. <3




Transparent Lisa Frank Ballerina Bunnies .GIF (by babybazooka)
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