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My name is Chelsea and you can find me over at my main blog! <3
Peace, Love, and Lisa Frank.
horrorriz asked: Hello! I run a toy blog, and I got a question from a follower asking where he/she could buy a specific lisa frank item, looking for an alien cuddle buddy toy. Now I know about lots of toys but I'm lost on lisa frank, I would love to help this follower. Do you know any sites, forums, facebook groups, stores or something to buy or ask about lisa frank items and toys?

I used to  collect Lisa Frank EXTENSIVELY as a child, and I remember looking at the flyers that came with the magazine for the cuddle buddies. They had the unicorns, horses, dolphins, puppies, kittens, etc, but I never saw an alien cuddle buddy. The best they can do is scour sites like ebay, etsy, or facebook pages daily to see what’s new! I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I will post this publicly so my followers can contact you if they know anything else! My guess is that they’re extremely rare and tough to find, as is most of the Lisa Frank alien merchandise. Best of luck.


Found this paint pail at Target- looks like Panda Painter’s!

got a really cute shirt today

I found my Lisa Frank folder collection! I’ve had some of these since I was 6
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